Thursday, February 21, 2008

I submitted my minilab 1 for CIS 110 today. Also took my CIS268 test. I made an A on the first one in CIS 268 but I'm still waiting for a correction on 3 that I got correct which were counted as incorrect. This second test was extremely stressful in that there were 15 printed pages of test questions to study over. I did well all things considered. I made an 85 and once the instructor manually goes over the test(some fill in the blank answers get counted wrong by computer) I should have a 91.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Spring Semester Courses

I started on a second AAS in Computer Science Networking Technology in January of this year, having finished my Business Mgmt Supervision degree. I really have been enjoying the classes. Two of the classes are online and the other three are hybrids which means they are partly online and part on campus meetings.

  • CIS 110 Computer Logic & Prog
  • CIS 203 Internet
  • CIS 207 Web Design
  • CIS 249 Operating Systems
  • CIS 268 Software Support

I finished my first mini lab for CIS 110. It's a simple program but it does what its supposed to do. I am working on the last chapter in CIS 207 course and it will be just a matter of waiting for tests to open. I'm more than half way through CIS 249 and will be waiting for tests in that class as well.

I think the classes that I'm learning the most in(as in over all new material) are CIS 110 & CIS 268. I had never really bothered to learn the innards of a computer and really haven't done any programming since the Commodore 64 was a hot and happening computer(don't laugh). Our instructor has us write programs for the CIS 110 class in Qbasic which really isn't too different from what I learned in school many moons ago. The software support class(CIS 268) is not at all what I thought it would be like. To me it seems more hardware related but that doesn't mean I'm disappointed. I'm learning a lot in that class. It does, however make me wonder what the Hardware Support class will be like.

Admittedly I really don't know THAT much about computers...which is why I'm going to school. I've been around computers for many years however I was more of a using the software kind of person and focused mainly on web design rather than the inner workings of the PC. That's changing.