Saturday, March 8, 2008

I've been trying to decided what to do with my old computer. My daughter refers to it as the Turtle computer. This was my desktop until Nov of this past year when I bought my Dell PC and at which time I set it up for my daughter. We bought her a new PC in February. I decided to get her a Windows Vista so that she and I both could become familiar with it. I've decided if I can boot the Turtle again I want to put Linux on it just because. I spent two days cleaning the dust out of it. Yes it was THAT bad. The motherboard is jumperless and now I'm not sure how to unlock the keyboard to reset it. Obviously pressing F1 F2 or Delete is not going to help until I can unlock it. If anyone has ideas please let me know. I've googled for solutions but so far nothing that specifically says..."Do this"

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