Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I bought my hubby a new computer with the stipulation that I'd get his old PC to use as my "Tinker toy". He had Windows XP Home Edition but the version was kind of messed up where he'd "adjusted" some files. I must explain that while my husband is fully capable of working on cars....computers...not so much. At any rate I was able to successfully do a dual boot install with XP and Ubuntu 9.04. Still the system was slow and after 4 weeks of having both decided to do away entirely with the XP and just reinstall Ubuntu 9.04. Worked like a charm. I set the computer up in the office(across the parking lot--hubby ) since they didn't have anything other than an empty desk there. I was also able to use the WiFi from our apartment to connect to the internet via a wireless card I installed. We have a network printer which I might also try and set up on the box.

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